Should you listen to your food cravings?

Should you listen to your food cravings?
November 1, 2016 Oonagh

Have you ever wanted a big fat burger so bad that it’s all you can think about?



I thought so.

So…..Does that mean that:

A. You are an uncontrollable glutton that needs to get a grip.


B. You are a delicate flower who is suffering from low iron and you should listen to your body and feed it with two all beef patties stat?



It’s a great question one of my ‘Transformers’ asked me the other day. In short:

Should you listen to your food cravings?

I answered with a live video on Facebook:



So…what do you think?

Are your cravings a something you should indulge? Leave a comment below and let me know what you crave! (and if you liked this video then please subscribe to my Youtube Channel !)


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