When Food = Happiness

When Food = Happiness
March 13, 2017 Oonagh

Last week I challenged you to think of how to make yourself happy NOW.

At exactly the weight you are at.

But sometimes it seems like the fastest route to happiness involves a bottle opener and hell-yes-I’ll-have-fries-with-that.

If that sounds familiar, you want to watch this Two Minute Tune Up:

…Any of that resonate? If so, leave me a comment below!

Anything that’s got you a bit stuck in your fitness journey? Leave a comment below so I can answer it in an upcoming blog post!

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  1. Audrey 8 months ago

    Oh you put that so clearly Oonagh! Yes! That is something I will carry with me to use in those moments of temptation. It also tells me, if I’m using food for pleasure a lot, that I need to find other sources of giving myself pleasure every single day so that I don’t create a pleasure deficit that I fill with the easiest, most reliable method (ie: food).

    • Author
      Oonagh 8 months ago

      Yes! Definitely don’t skimp on the pleasure! Just make sure your sources of pleasure are ALSO going to lead to long term HAPPINESS. 🙂

  2. D 8 months ago

    Thank you!! This post resonated particularly well. Never thought of the pleasure vs happiness!! So so true and I think this will make a big difference to how I approach food.

    • Author
      Oonagh 8 months ago

      Fantastic! I’m so glad, D! 🙂

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