East End Early Risers

May 2 - Sep 30

6:00am - 7:00am
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Riverdale Park

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  • Oonagh continuously challenges me, creates a fun and interactive environment and best of all, gives me a program that keeps me looking and feeling great!

    • 6am Annex Bootcamper

Welcome to the Team!

East Enders know how to get the day going and it starts with lots of green space and a mother of a hill. Join canfitpro Pro Trainer (that’s a trainer that trains trainers 🙂 Trevor Pickett and an awesome crew as the sun rises and you get stronger!

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Trevor has been passionate about fitness for almost 10 years.  While working for 4 years in the notoriously stressful film industry, exercise became even more important to him. He developed quick workouts he could do during breaks or after a long day.  Refining these workouts became an obsession that led to his CanFitPro personal trainer certification. He enjoys finding creative exercise solutions for clients with extreme time constraints and limited space. Trevor is constantly looking for innovative training methods and believes strongly in the therapeutic properties of exercise. Trevor has participated in the Reebok Crossfit Open and completed several obstacle races. He has also been published by Cracked.com and wrote an award winning short film. When not training groups or individual clients, he loves improv comedy, hiking or jogs with his running buddy, an outspoken husky named Nyla.

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